Heinberg circular hikeHeinberg circular hikeHeinberg circular hike

continuing on „B“. Soon, we walk downhill on an overgrown path, the right-hand side drops away steeply. Below, we can see Wehrstapel and Heinrichstal.

After a total walking time of about 35 minutes we reach a T-junction and turn left. Shortly after we see a signpost. Now, we turn left onto a broad forest road and walk on „V9“ in the direction of Föckinghausen (2.0 km). At first the path leads slightly downhill, then climbs up for a short while and after this, leads along the edge of the forest, again offering a view of the surrounding hills. A further vally bottom follows.

Soon we reach another junction, which we already know from the beginning of our walk. Here we turn right. According to the signpost Föckinghausen will be reached after about 700 m. On the familiar path we keep diagonally left at the next junction and turn right in front of the holiday- home Waldhaus, to cover the last short leg towards the hotel.

One of the most diverting hikes around Föckinghausen with many nice viewpoints now lies behind us. Beautiful when the sun is shining!

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Tour informationTour informationTour information

Special view of the Sauerland mountains.

  • Length: about 4.8 km
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Altitude difference: 124 m