Stimmstamm circular hikeStimmstamm circular hikeStimmstamm circular hike

stretch of way we once again reach a signpost. Here, „X1/A8“ branches off to the left. We now follow it slowly into the valley. After some time we emerge from the forest and, next to a pond, we come to a crossing. We remain above the pond and follow „A8“ into the direction of „Buchplette“. On the parking for hikers „Buchplette“ several paths cross. Here, you have the possibility to make a detour into the village of Eversberg.

Without the detour, we continue straight ahead across the junction on path „A5/A6“ and the forest route („Waldroute“). We walk across open landscape and have a partial view of Eversberg. We continue following hiking-sign „A6“, the path takes a slight right hand bend and slowly leads downhill. At a crossing there is a small house which belongs to the model plane airfield, which we have now reached. Here we meet hiking path „XR“ (asphalt road) and take a left turn.

We follow the asphalt road „XR“. At the next crossing we turn slightly right on the field path, still „XR“. We reach the Gepke-stream, crossing the small bridge, and continue walking straight ahead, after some more metres again slightly leftwards onto „A1“. This path first leads uphill through open field, and later through a rather dense high forest. Here several benches invite for a rest. The path winds itself upwards. Don‘t worry, soon you will have made it!

On top, the forest opens up. On the right, you meet „A3“. Soon you will discover Hotel Waldhaus Föckinghausen in the near distance. Follow „A3“ until you reach our small holiday-home. Here you turn once more to the left and then you are already back.

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Tour informationTour informationTour information

Up and down through the wide woods of the Arnsberg Forest.

  • Length: approx. 16.5 km
  • Duration: approx. 4.5 hours
  • Difficulty: demanding
  • Altitude difference: 440 m