Wahlberg circular hikeWahlberg circular hikeWahlberg circular hike

forest – a wooden handrail serves as orientation. The narrow path now follows the course of the Gebke stream. After a short while we encounter a broader hiking path, which we follow rightwards down the hill, accompanied by the Gebke stream. Where the stream changes from our left to our right, crossing underneath the hiking path, another diversion comes up, which we follow in a slightly left, downwards direction. Further downhill, we see a cabin in the forest and pass some fish ponds and meadows. The landscape opens up, and soon we reach the lowest point of our walk.

At the crossing, we take a left turn („W“ and „B7“) and, after a few steps, we again turn leftwards („A1“). The path follows a meadow slightly uphill into the forest. At a diversion, we continue rightwards on „A1“. We walk steadily uphill through the forest, time and time again a wayside bench invites us to catch our breath. After about 25 minutes we have reached the top and encounter the path already known to us from the start of our hike. We continue rightwards and walk back to the holiday home, where we take a left turn towards the hotel.

After this diversified walk up the hill and down the valley, we certainly deserve a cold drink!

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Tour informationTour informationTour information

Walking down to the Gepke valley.

  • Length: approx. 7.7 km
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Altitude difference: 215 m