Wildpark (game park) circular hikeWildpark (game park) circular hikeWildpark (game park) circular hike

along the meadows. At the horizon we discover a quarry and the village of Kallenhardt.Alternatively we can take a detour to the Bilstein-cave and the „Wildpark“ (game park), by walking straight ahead at the signpost instead of turning right. After this short detour, we come back to this point and then, of course, turn left (instead of right) onto the path through the meadows.

After a while the lush path reaches an asphalt road, where we also find a bench. At this point we turn right (symbols „A4“ and „∆“), soon reach a gate and a cabin named „Haus Rosenegge“ – a good spot for a break. With the gate behind us, the further path leads us on the left-hand side into a beech forest (symbols „O“ and „W“ – please pay attention to the symbols!), and down to the bed of a stream, and then progresses further downhill. At the end we encounter a gravel road, which we follow towards our left. We reach a red barrier (symbols „O“ and „W“), behind which we turn right. After a few steps we reach an asphalt road, which we follow to the right, soon reaching the B55 („Mescheder Landstraße“). We cross the road and follow the street „Im Waldpark“ in the direction of the Warstein brewery. At a diversion with a signpost we turn right and then go uphill for a short way on a gravel road. Before we reach the top, the paths „W“ and „◊“ branch off to the right. This spot can be easily missed, thus search out for the slightly hidden symbol „◊“ (on the right-hand side on a tree trunk)! The path continues through birch forest and is not easy to spot. After some time, it splits up, here we keep rightwards - looking ahead, we discover the symbol „◊“ on the tree trunks. Later on we also re-discover the symbol „W“.

A few minutes later we reach a T-junction and turn left, following the symbols. We now walk straight ahead uphill, the high forest soon turns into a lower forest. At the top we follow the left turn of the path and soon after come upon a broad gravel path. We turn right (symbols „W“ and „◊“), still uphill. After a total walking-time of about 4 hours, we reach the nice picnic area „Paradies“ with a refuge, table, benches and a childrens‘ play item as well as nice views  – a good place for a well-deserved break. Well rested, we now tackle the last leg of our hike. The path leads downhill and then makes a left bend. Here, we leave our path and go straight ahead through grass to the stream, which we cross on a wooden bridge (symbol „W“). Opposite the bridge we hike uphill on „W“ into the forest. Soon the lush path encounters a gravel path, which we follow ahead. Then we reach a junction with a signpost. We do NOT walk in the direction of „Föckinghausen“, but continue straight ahead uphill on „◊“. Also the biking signpost „Meschede / Eversberg“ points in our direction. At „Reinhold Mertes Eiche“ we discover another refuge alongside our hiking-path. We continue walking straight ahead, until we reach – after a total working-time of about 4.5 hours – the junction „Markes Kreuz“ which we already know from the beginning of our hike. On „X1“ and „A8“ we hike back on the familiar route. From the junction „Ausspann“ we continue leftwards on „X1/ X14/◊“ to „Gemeinheitskopf“, where we turn right („X14“). The Waldhaus is only 2.3 km away. Emerging from the high forest we can one more time enjoy the wide view.

This tour suits only experienced hikers, but it is very nice. En route it is also possible to prolong the hike by walking to the Warstein brewery and stopping for a snack in its visitor centre.

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Tour informationTour informationTour information

Varied day hike.

  • Length: approx. 21.4 km
  • Duration: about 7 hours
  • Difficulty: day hike
  • Altitude difference: 457 m